about us

We always wanted to travel (...) we love other cultures, far away countries, everything, what has different taste, smell.... whatever... if you like travelling you know what I mean. For others I can explain it in a bit different way: we hate TV (we hadn't have one for a long time). We know that we missed 3568 chapters of “Bold and beautiful”, lots of editions of “Big brother” and “Dancing with the stars” or something else. Anyway, world can give you much more than that.

RAFAL GAWEDA born in 1976, by profession: lawyer, occupation: hair artist and stylist, portfolio on: www.rafalgaweda.com

MACIEJ TYSZECKI born in 1977, by profession: antropologist, occupation: event, casting & production menager




And now ... we're travelling...

Mark Twain wrote once: “In 20 years you'll be more dissapointed of this you've never done that this you have done”. I found another one from Cejrowski: “Sell your fridge and go...”

We met in 1999 and became friends. And suddenly we've changed our life completely. On 1st of Feb 2008. We had left everything. We have a lot of dreams. Hope they'll come true... but we don't wanna plan out anything. We'll see. We have plenty of time ...